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The Waiting Game by Nomi 800 on flickr


The Waiting Game by Nomi 800 on flickr

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So this is the mohair wig I bought from Natrume on Etsy. So far they have been unhelpful with dealing with my problem, and have talked about their happy Flickr customers, and told me they only use the best quality mohair for their wigs. Rather than trying to help me with the problem. They are also telling me that ‘some differences’ from their pictures are because of it being a natural product… you know the bald patches and bad stitching…

So I thought I would share some of the pictures and go into detail about the problems I have with the wig. Now personally I do have a problem with the strips of longer mohair being visible on the doll, it is not always effective to try and hide this on photo’s like Natrume insisted. I personally feel that they should have been tubes so they are not this visible. I think like this it looks a bit of mess personally. 

If this was the only problem I could have just cut these off and fixed it to be a short mohair wig. However as you can see from the pictures the wig also has bald patches. It has a fair few of these in varying sizes, these are just a few examples. This is not normal from what I have experienced with mohair before. I have 3 wigs in total and they are perfect. The stitching is also bad in some places and has come off or come loose. Inside the wig cap itself is okay and they have curel the mohair over so it, doesn’t have raw edges showing.

This wasn’t a cheap wig either, this wig set me back about £30 GBP, which on a current conversion is about  $50 USD (which might not be the listed price due to exchange rate differences). However that is still a fair about to pay for a wig, and I do expect the quality to be their for the price. 

I am actually really disappointed with the wig, and I am also now very annoyed to how they are dealing with the issues I have. 

I’m really sorry this happened to you, at least you got your money back in the end and now I know where not to buy my mohair wigs.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for any good blogs I can follow? I’m looking for anything generally:
-cute art
-cute fashion
-cute things in general

Really it would be fantastic if I could get some help finding new blogs. I’m down to only 68 and I’m still weeding through. Thanks!!!! •u•

I post and reblog most of those, would be real neat if you check me out!

I post lolita, fashion in general among with bjd stuff and cute and pretty things :)

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Releasing a bunch of the light up/ glow in the dark stump stands tomorrow afternoon :) #missmonster #stump #bjd #doll #display #forest


Releasing a bunch of the light up/ glow in the dark stump stands tomorrow afternoon :) #missmonster #stump #bjd #doll #display #forest

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